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Miranda de Haan, Host

My name is Miranda and I am an Animal Health Technologist and Pet Care Safety Expert. My journey into the world of pets began when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

As an only child, my parent’s divorce was quite difficult for me to deal with because I didn’t have anyone to talk to help me understand that my parent’s divorce wasn’t my fault or to at least share my experiences with. My mom got me a kitten 2 or 3 years later who I named Miss Piggy and for some unknown reason, we later ended up calling her Pigpen.

Pigpen helped to provide the emotional support I was needing by allowing me to confide in her as she listened without judgement. She gave me unconditional love and acceptance and helped me to process some of my emotions. She had some health issues which I believe may have been stress-related and she was put on medication, but unfortunately, like most medications, there were also side effects and she eventually passed on when she was around 12 years old which is still fairly young for a cat.

My connection with Pigpen helped to develop my caregiving desires and I eventually became an AHT. My training and experience helped me to discover that evolved vet care treatments along with supplementary treatments such as energy work, acupuncture, and other holistic practices could likely extend a pet’s life with similar health conditions as Pigpen, along with other types of health issues.

Part of my training as an AHT was working in the euthanasia section of the humane society. This was where I discovered that it’s not just pets who are sick or old who are euthanized, but also ones that have been at the shelter for too long and haven’t been adopted in order to make room for new incoming surrendered or abandoned animals.

I remember having to needlessly euthanize a hedgehog because people didn’t and probably still don’t really understand the type of care that they require. When I looked at this little hedgehog, it curled itself up into a little ball to protect itself, and it broke my heart to know I was required to end it’s life.

As I read many of the reasons that animals in the facility had been surrendered, I realized that if people had had easier access to resources and information, they may have not felt the need to give up their beloved animal companions.

My experiences and this journey is what fueled my desire to provide pet parents with plenty of resources and information to create a safer, healthier, and happier home so that surrendering and abandoning a pet is a choice they won’t need to make.

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