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Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban, Host

My name is Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban, I am an Animal Spirituality and Energy Facilitator, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, as well as an Enlightenment Teacher & Mentor. In my work with animals, I focus mainly on the relationships we humans have with animals. Using the fundamental basics of spirituality, enlightenment, and energy communication, I help humans open their minds and remove the preconceived ideas about how animals think, feel, and communicate with the human world. I believe it is very important for us to see animals, those inside and outside our homes, as separate soul beings with their own independent roles and purposes. Ultimately, helping you to have a more mutually beneficial relationship between you and your animal companions. But how did I get here?

Well, throughout my life, I have always had a deep connection with animals of all kinds, so much so that as a kid growing up on a farm, I was constantly bringing home injured birds and collecting snakes and lizards, and even playing with toads, snakes, and crayfish. But it all started with my very first rescue was when I was around 4 years old.

One day I was walking home from a friend's house and my sister and I find a robin’s nest that had fallen out of a tree. Sadly it had been destroyed and was left abandoned. The featherless babies must've just recently hatched and out of the 4 little chicks, only 2 were still alive, so we took them home in hopes that our mom would help us care for the sickly birds. She agreed, and that started our first little compassionate journey.

Unfortunately, the smallest and most ill chick died shortly after but we continued to care for the other one and that’s when little Robbie began to thrive. Robbie continued to get stronger and he eventually grew into a beautiful red breasted robin. When he was old enough, we released him back into the wild. Each Spring Robbie would come back to our yard to spend his Summer days singing to us and hanging out with us as we played. A few years later, we sadly had to move. But even after we had moved, he continued coming back for many years to hang out with our neighbor friend, who had a similar resemblance to my father. Even responding whenever his name was called.

After moving onto a 250 acre dairy farm, my love of animals just exploded. The cows became some of my best friends and I loved going deep into the pastures to collect them for dinner and milking. I also continued my “bird rescue” efforts and was always on the lookout for the injured doves that would get caught in the corn cribs. My sister and I would catch them and clean off their wounds and then release them back outside once they were healed up.

As an adult, I began learning about the importance of animal relationships and how we, as humans, can better understand their nature and what is important to their health and wellbeing. Even though I always had animals around me, it was only about 20 years ago when I began learning about animal nutrition and the intricacies of veterinary science and practice. This is when everything changed for my animals. They became happier and healthier, and I really got to know their very unique personalities. When they had medical issues, I would compliment their veterinary care with various holistic and nutritional enhancements and that would increase their quality of life and longevity ten fold.

My mission now is to share all that I have learned along the way so you can do the same for your animals. That is what our podcast is all about. We want you to have the knowledge and wisdom you need to consciously create the best life experience you can for your beloved animals and build healthy, supportive, relationships with them as well.

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