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      aring for a companion animal can be one of the most

       rewarding, yet challenging experiences in our lives.

Whether you want to learn more about subjects such as safety, nutrition, stress, your relationship with your furry, feathery, and scaly family members, why they do certain things, and our spiritual connection with our animal friends, this show is for you. Because stress affects our pets’ lives in so many ways, this aspect will be touched on in many of our episodes. We are not about being light, fluffy, and safe. We will be delving into areas that are not often talked about and helping you to take a deeper dive into the world of pet care.

Join Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban, an Animal Spirituality and Energy Facilitator, Animal Translator, and Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner, and Miranda de Haan, an Animal Health Technologist and Pet Care Safety Expert, each week, as they discuss various topics, interview other pet experts, and periodically provide personalized guidance to our community. New Podcast Episodes Drop Every Week and are Available on Your Favorite Platform



Giving Animals A Voice

The Hosts

Miranda is an Animal Health Technologist and Pet Safety Expert who works with growing families who are uncertain and feel overwhelmed about what goes into proper pet care and what they need to do to help create a safer, healthier, and happier home for their furry family members. She provides them with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to ensure every family member’s needs are met, both animal and human.  See More...

Victoria is an Animal Spirituality and Energy Facilitator, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and an Enlightenment Teacher & Mentor. In her work with animals, she focuses mainly on the complex relationships humans have with animals and opens their minds to remove the pre-conceived ideas about how animals think, feel, and communicate with our human world. She believes that animals are separate soul beings with their own independent roles and purposes. Her work, helping pet owners have a more mutually beneficial relationship with their animal companions. See More...

Miranda de Haan ~ Animal Health Technologist & Pet Safety Expert

Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban ~ Animal Spirituality  & Energy Facilitator

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